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Paper Slitter Common Three Kinds Of Slitting

Paper cutting machine slitting way

1, trimming: printing equipment is a step in the printing plant is not what we say A4, B5 and other concepts, but an entire piece, according to different arrangement, segmentation, cutting method, said how many open, such as 18 open , 16 open, etc., of which according to the layout of each printed different, there are big open and small open the difference.

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Generally in the paper slitting machine, the trimming of a variety of materials to form the process of composite materials, through the process of cutting the edge of the process material, to meet the process requirements of the product. This kind of slitting method is mostly used for the processing of composite films and other materials.

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2, cut the volume: the so-called roll cut is like a toilet paper, about printing a roll of printing. For example, you printed a large volume of printed matter, but the larger width of the roll of paper, printed on the volume of the Union version of the finished product. But you need a single finished product when you use it. At this time need to cut the volume.

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The entire volume of wide web, through the high-speed round knife, the original roll material cut into multiple volumes of narrow specifications of the coil. This method of cutting more used in adhesive products industry.

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3, sub-volume: The large diameter of the material in accordance with the length of the rewinding size and width requirements of the receiving width, cut into multiple volumes, small diameter material. This kind of slitting method is mostly used for film substrate and flexible packaging color printing industry.